What kind of LASHES are used…

Here at the salon I use 2 different type of lashes: Silk and Mink

For a majority of my lashing, I use silk. I LOVE silk lashes! They are not made from real animal fur, instead they are made from a synthetic material called PBT Fiber. This material is what most eyelash extensions are made from. They are soft, silky, and hold up their curl. Since they are synthetic, these lashes come in different thickness that can be used to create a natural or glam/volume look.

For my super fancy clients who wants the real deal, I also offer real mink. Yes, this is REAL animal fur. It’s super soft but honestly harder to work with. Since it is real hair, the curl does not hold up as well as silk lashes. The thickness of the lashes are not consistent therefore I can only apply it using the classic method or 2D/3D. Russian Volume cannot be done with real mink.


Conclusion: Both are very similar in look and feel, just two different types of material! 🙂

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