Aftercare – Lash Extensions

Avoid getting your lashes wet for at least 12hrs after your appointment. Doing so may result in glue weakness causing early detachment. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

What to clean with: Baby shampoo or an oil-free makeup remover.
Baby Shampoo: You can lather the soap between your fingers then gently rub your lashes to clean or you can use a clean make-up brush (eyeshadow brush) to gently brush them with soap.
Oil-Free Remover: Using a clean brush, apply the remover around and onto your lashes then rinse as normal. Avoid using a cotton ball or pad as this may cause the fibers to get stuck between your lashes.
Saline: Eye contact solution (saline) can be used occasionally to clean your lashes. Apply with a clean makeup brush and let dry.

How often: Everyday! Whether or not you wear eye makeup, it is always best to clean your lashes daily. Makeup residue, oil, dirt, and bacteria buildup can lead to an eye infection. Washing your lashes daily will not cause them to fall out faster – it actually helps with retention!

Any time after cleansing or getting your lashes wet, be sure to use a lash wand to brush and fluff them. Closing one eye at a time, brush downwards to detangle then comb upwards to fluff (while eyes are open, just like applying mascara).