We’re back – again!

Effective SEPT 29TH 2020

We are officially reopen for business!


Masks are required to be worn throughout the entire service

Do not bring anyone to your appointment with you, we can no longer accommodate extra guests

Please remember to wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer when needed

Maintain physical distance from other customers

ALL high traffic areas and items in this salon is disinfected after each client.

Tools, linens, and supplies used for services are sanitized after each use and all disposable items are ALWAYS properly discarded.

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EFFECTIVE SEPT 29th 2020: We are officially reopen for business! Please contact the salon for appointment inquires.

JUNE 11th 2020: Unfortunately the salon is still closed due to COVID-19. Recently salons in CA were given the green light to reopen but it did not include lash salons. I miss you all but please hang on tight, we will get there soon! Staying healthy and keeping our families healthy is our number one priority. I will give an update once we have a set opening date!


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Effective: MARCH 2nd 2020
New Location: 2233 Grand Canal Blvd Suite 103A, Stockton, CA 95207
(Off of March Lane/Hilton Hotel area)

Front/Street parking can sometimes be limited.
To access rear parking, enter Marshall’s parking lot and park near Domino’s Pizza. Walk down the Grand Canal stairway. Salon is located to the right.

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Now Offering: 1-Day Volume/Classic/Hybrid Lash Course

I am excited to announce that I will be offering a 1-day Volume/Classic Lash course starting mid-August 2019. The class is aimed for beginners who are seeking to gain valuable knowledge that will help them become a successful Lash Artist. The class will cover everything from lash application/technique to product knowledge and of course hands-on training. Everything that will be taught is what I’ve learned from my experience as a Lash Artist/Salon Owner over the years. I am eager to teach my fellow students all of what I know in the industry.


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What kind of LASHES are used…

Here at the salon I use 2 different type of lashes: Silk and Mink

For a majority of my lashing, I use silk. I LOVE silk lashes! They are not made from real animal fur, instead they are made from a synthetic material called PBT Fiber. This material is what most eyelash extensions are made from. They are soft, silky, and hold up their curl. Since they are synthetic, these lashes come in different thickness that can be used to create a natural or glam/volume look.

For my super fancy clients who wants the real deal, I also offer real mink. Yes, this is REAL animal fur. It’s super soft but honestly harder to work with. Since it is real hair, the curl does not hold up as well as silk lashes. The thickness of the lashes are not consistent therefore I can only apply it using the classic method or 2D/3D. Russian Volume cannot be done with real mink.


Conclusion: Both are very similar in look and feel, just two different types of material! 🙂

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Microblading – Helpful Things to Know!

Helpful things to know about Microblading!

  • A total of 2 sessions are needed in order to achieve best results (I include 2 sessions).
  • During healing after 1st session, some strokes will fade or even disappear…totally normal! That’s what the second session is for. 🙂
  • Microblading result VARIES for everyone. Meaning one client can have awesome retention while another client will need touchups every 6mths or so. I cannot control the outcome (as bad as I want to). Retention is all up to how your skin handles the pigment and heal.
  • If strokes did not take after 2nd session, I recommend waiting at least 3 months before getting another touchup so your skin has time to heal.
  • PLEASE follow the aftercare instructions. It makes a huge difference in healing/end result.
  • Scabbing during the healing stage may not occur for everyone.
  • If you want to achieve a more solid/filled in look, consider doing powder brows. Microblading gives the illusion of hair strokes, therefore it is a lot more natural looking.

Feel free to comment on this post with any unanswered questions about Microblading!



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Ombre Powder Brows VS Microblading

YES! We are now offering another style of semi-permanent brows. OMBRE POWDER BROWS is similar to Microblading because both are considered semi-permanent meaning pigment is not tattooed deep into the skin (only penetrating the dermis layer). While Microblading last between 12-18mths, Ombre brows can last up to 2 years — all depending on your skin type and how well you take care of them. Some people may wonder why can’t we go deeper so it can last longer? Simple answer: The deeper we go, the higher the chance that your brows will turn an unattractive color in the future. This explain why most brow tattoos that were done 10+ years ago are either blue or pink-toned (trust me, I’ve seen them all). So having your brows being semi-permanent rather than permanent is a GOOD thing really.

The DIFFERENCE between Microblading and Ombre Powder Brows:

  • Different Machine is used. Microblading uses a manual tool that resembles an x-acto knife with micro-needles at the end. Ombre Powder brow uses a rotary tattoo pen (actual machine).
  • Hair strokes are “drawn” in with Microblading giving the illusion of natural hair strokes.
  • Ombre Powder Brows are shaded in from light to dark, giving an ombre effect that looks soft and natural.
  • Healing time for Microblading is about 2 weeks with minimal downtime.
  • Healing time for Ombre brows is about 2-3 weeks. About 1.5 week downtime depending on your skin type.
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