Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions are applied using either the Volume or Classic method. Before your procedure, we will discuss your desired fullness, length, and style. Please keep in mind that the outcome of your desired look all depends on your natural lashes (density, thickness, etc.). A lash appointment (full set) takes about an hour and a half. Clients are required to lay comfortably on our lash bed with the option to take a nice nap!

Don’t know which lash method or style is right for you? Use our LASH GUIDE to help determine which look you want!

VOLUME LASHES is applied by having 2-4 lash extensions fanned & placed on one lash hair. This is referred to as 2D, 3D, or 4D lashes. Recommended for clients who desire a fuller look. With Volume Lashes, fullness can be created without the need of having a lot of natural lashes. The 2D, 3D, or 4D effect can give you soft full lashes or a more heavy glam look. Do not confuse this with cluster lashes, which are not used in lash extensions. Volume lashes are carefully fanned together by your lash tech and do not have a heavy base as clusters that are found premade in stores.
CLASSIC LASHES is having one extension applied to one lash hair (1:1 ratio). This method is recommended for clients with a lot of lashes to work with and those who want a more natural look but longer length (a little fullness can still be achieved depending on the fullness of your natural lashes).
HYBRID LASHES is a mixture of both volume and classic lash. Fullness can be achieved with this method while also giving a less uniformed look. Great for those who are unsure of what to get!




How long do they last?
Lash extensions last anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on how well you take care of them and the cycle of your natural lash growth.
What is a lash cycle?
Lash cycle is the shedding process of your natural lashes. Your lashes shed! When you see an extension fall off with a lash attached, this does not always mean the extensions are causing your lashes to fall off. A majority of the time, it’s the cycle of your lashes and the natural process of your lashes shedding.
Can I get them wet?
YES! You can get them wet 24hours after getting them done. Anytime after getting them wet, it is best to brush and fluff them so they can stay looking beautiful!
Can I wear makeup?
Yes you can. However, it is NOT recommended or NEEDED to wear mascara. Putting mascara on lash extensions can shorten the life of them as well as cause irritation if the mascara isn’t cleaned off thoroughly leaving the chance of unnecessary build up. Plus, you definitely would not need mascara in addition to extensions.
Should I clean them?
YES! It is extremely important to thoroughly clean them every night especially if you wear eye make-up. Not cleaning them on a regular basis can lead to oil and dirt build-up that can cause irritation and even infection.
If I no longer want them on, how can it be removed?
Do not attempt to remove them yourself! You will only end up pulling out your lashes. Please call the office and schedule an appointment for lash removal. Lash removal requires a special solution.